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Mother, Beware of the Dangers of Using Baby Bouncers

Baby bouncer is one tool that is often used everyday by parents in babysitting. The use of this tool is considered to make babies become more calm and easy to fall asleep. However, do you understand the danger of baby bouncers? The birth of a baby certainly brings happiness to parents. However, the many needs of the Little One can make Father and Mother overwhelmed to feel too tired, even just to carry or put her to sleep. To help calm and put your baby to sleep, an instrument called a baby bouncer was created. Danger of Baby Bouncers With a wobbly motion, baby bouncers are believed to help calm the baby. Although practically used, Mother still needs to consider various risks that can arise when using this tool, including: Injury Injury can occur when a baby falls from a baby bouncer or is crushed by this tool. This often happens if the baby bouncer used is broken. Injury to the baby due to the use of a baby bouncer can cause bruising, scratches, even broken bones or severe hea
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Causes of Heel Spurs and How to Overcome It

Heel spurs are one of the causes of heel pain. The pain caused by this condition can be mild, but it can also be severe enough to limit movement and interfere with daily activities. The causes of heel spurs themselves can vary, and there are various ways you can do to overcome them. Heel spurs are a bulge in the bone in the heel of the foot caused by calcium buildup or calcification of the heel bone. This bulge can cause heel pain when standing, walking, or running. Even so, heel spurs do not always cause complaints or symptoms. Causes of Heel Spurs Heel spurs are usually associated with inflammation of the connective tissue in the sole of the foot (plantar fasciitis) due to calcification in the sole of the foot. This condition occurs if the muscles and connective tissue in the legs often experience excessive traction or tension in the long run. In addition, there are several factors that can also increase the risk of heel spurs, including: 1. Repeated injuries to the feet Re

Impact of Sensitive Skin and Tips to Overcome It

Using skin care products, including proper facial soap, is an important step for treating sensitive skin. Choosing facial soap for sensitive skin is not easy. Because if you choose the wrong, chances are the skin can become irritated. A survey shows, at least 50% of women feel they have experienced signs of sensitive skin. Characterized by, among others, skin that is reddish, sore, itchy, prone to breakouts, dryness, and peeling when using certain beauty products. The appearance of complaints on sensitive skin can be triggered by several things such as: Sunlight Temperature, either hot or cold Pollution, such as dust and smoke Stress Hormonal changes However, each person has a different level of sensitivity to these trigger factors. Those who have dry skin often experience symptoms due to sensitive skin. This is common with increasing age, because after entering the age of 20 years, skin moisture will indeed begin to decline. When the skin is dry, the protective layer on th